• Cinema-theatre

    Offering standard solutions for cinema or theatre seats, we are also open to new trends and particular market requirements. Every auditorium has its own specific character and aesthetics, which determine the seats and their functionality. Therefore, we always strive to offer our Customers the best solutions. Concerning the specific construction of each auditorium and the need to ensure good visibility and audibility, TAPS is open to general designers' guidelines and Customers' requirements regarding:
- detailed geometrical dimensions 
- in-hall arrangement
- use and functions of seats and their equipment
- ergonomic solutions
- the level of comfort and the degree of seat/backrest foam hardness 
- interior aesthetics
- cover materials selection.


Main features of our cinema-theatre seats:

    • used surface varnish is hygienically attested
    • cover materials fulfill security requirements
    • cinema and theatre seats undergo examinations with the usage of a three-dimensional dummy. The tests are carried out according to the BN-90/3626-01 standard.
    • the degree of seat foam hardness is established based on the ISO 2439 norm
    • seats numeration in the form of embroidery (not included in the seat price) on the upper front part of the backrest, or engraved on a plate on the upper part of the backrest (not included in the seat price)
    • row numeration engraved on a plate or displayed on sides of the aisle seats (not included in the seat price)
    • installation of seats in the target location possible
    • we offer a complete upholstery cleaning and maintenance program, and, a novelty on the market, annual application of dirt-resistant coating.