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Seats for the regional trains manufactured in the new composite technology will be a sign of materialization of all goals and one of the leading products in our offer.

  • Quality Policy

    Quality and Technical
    Safety Policy TAPS

    The leading goal of TAPS employees is to meet Customers’ expectations in the areas of high quality, safety of use and functionality of chairs, seats and upholstered textile articles for vehicles and interiors in public utility buildings in our offer and the services provided by our company.
    We ensure that all our products are manufactured in safe and supervised conditions pursuant to work safety regulations. Emissions into the natural environment are also controlled. In that way we guarantee that the whole production proceeds in accordance with appropriate security regulations (including those concerning flammability and durability) and all our products are safe and functional.
    We aim at associating the logo of the company by our current and future Customers with involvement, professionalism and rich experience on the market of seats for public transport and furnishing of interiors for public use. We co-create our products and services with joining and integration of Customers to the whole process of planning and production – starting from the consultation of the idea, through the Customers’ opinion and passenger tests with regard to the solutions which are suggested by production department and ending up on the after sales service.
    Recognizing the high quality of products and the systematic improvement of the company’s position on the market as the key factors deciding about the success and further development, we are aware that attaining these goals is possible only with the active participation and cooperation of all employees. This is the reason why we expect from each of us to take responsibility for supporting the Integrated Management System implemented in our company.
    At the same time the Senior Management of the company undertakes to constantly improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System, so that it can fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, IRIS rev02, PN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO 14001:2005.
    We achieve the aims of our Quality Policy through the conducting of activities which take into account the dynamic changes in the market as well as the still growing requirements regarding norms, standards and legal acts concerning our products.

    The strategic goals of TAPS Quality Policy include:

    • Building the image of the company as a reliable business partner and qualified supplier of the complete products (created not only in traditional way, but also in modern composite technology) and services.
    • Strengthening of company’s logo as a guarantee of quality.
    • Optimization of manufacturing costs through improvement of work organization and implementing of new technologies during the design and production of seats, taking into consideration the control of quantity of emitted air pollutions and using the new generations of materials with high utility values that do not cause additional threat to the environment.
    • Ensuring our employees the technical safety related to the duties carried out during the usage of machines and infrastructure.
    • Through the appropriate management of design and production we guarantee the durability, safety of processes and high usability of offered products, mainly manufactured from materials that can be recycled. We also do not use substances and preparations which are especially harmful to the environment.

    We achieve all these goals through:

    • The involvement of the Senior Management in activities with the aim of rising the quality of our products.
    • Supporting all actions that improve processes of design, production and project management; monitoring the costs of projects realizations.
    • Setting goals for all departments of the company that can be measured and monitored by means of the process indicators.
    • Achieving new qualifications and certificates which meets Customers’ expectations in the area of special processes conducted by TAPS.
    • Certification of special processes as a confirmation of getting new qualifications, which fulfill Customers’ expectations.
    • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System; adjustment of system records to TAPS’ current needs and requirements of IRIS standard.
    • Cooperation with Customers with the aim of recognizing and monitoring their needs and expectations.
    • Continuous development of cooperation with Polish and international technical higher education institutions and building of joint research projects, which are funded within the international community programs (e.g. Electromobility +) or the program of applied research conducted by The National Centre for Research and Development in Poland.
    • Supervision of products throughout the whole life cycle and development of laundering and cleaning services.
    • Ensuring the access to the information and resources with the aim of meeting Customers’ needs and expectations.
    • Development of cooperation with suppliers and business partners based on the mutual respect of Customers’ requirements, good business relations and trust.
    • Acquiring alternative suppliers and other business partners in the key areas of company’s safety and Customers’ projects.
    • Improvement of internal communication within the company.
    • Continuous improvement of employees’ skills and awareness in the areas of quality and environmental friendliness of products and methods of manufacturing; investment in staff’s professional development.
    • Shaping the conviction that the quality and the company’s image and brand – also in the area of environmental friendliness of manufactured products – are the responsibility of each employee and their workplace and during each contact with the Customer, Supplier and Business Partner; determination and monitoring of the responsibility in this area.
    • Improvement of the work environment, infrastructure and technologies directed at minimizing the impact of our products and their manufacturing on the surrounding environment.

    Goals connected with technical safety include:

    • Design, testing and production of seats according to the fire safety standards (e.g. DIN 5510-2:2009, prEN 45545-2:2010, UIC 564-2, PN-K-02511:2000).
    • Design, testing and production of seats according to the resistance standards (e.g. UIC 566).
    • Design, testing and production of seats according to the ergonomic standards (e.g. UIC 567, SAE 826 J) and operational standards (e.g. GrulaSi, PN-EN ISO 3385:1999).
    • Design, testing and production of seats according to the others Customers’ technical requirements.

    Seats for the regional trains manufactured in the new composite technology will be a sign of materialization of all goals and one of the leading products in our offer.

    Maciej Kowalski, 11.01.2016