S.Z.T.K. TAPS – Maciej Kowalski was founded in 1989. We produce and modernize seats for mass transport; we also offer warranty and post-warranty service of our products.

    Apart from having a well-established position on the railway market, we also specialize in the design, production and assembly of seats and foyer couches for theatres, cinemas and auditoria.


    TAPS started its activity in 1989. It is a private company owned by Mr. Maciej Kowalski and it employs 144 persons (for 28/02/2020).

    TAPS designs, produces and delivers for the railway sector:

    • New seats for trains and trams
    • Vandal-resistant seats for metro and local mass transport
    • Berths and couches for sleeping coaches
    • Modernized seats for railway and metro
    • Spare parts and accessories for railway, metro, and local mass transport seats
    • Fitted carpets and fabric materials for coach interiors

    Our company also offers product servicing, especially guarantee and post-guarantee upholstery systems servicing. This activity is based on technologies tested and proven in TAPS.

    TAPS’ products, designed, produced and delivered to Customers from the railway sector, are distinguished by their original design and high quality as well as functional and economical factors desired by Customers. They also comply with Customers’ equirements concerning norms and standards connected with fire protection, ergonomics, and durability.

    In its over 30 years of production experience, the company has patented an innovative technology of composite production. Composites may be used for seats’ construction elements as well as interior elements. The technology makes it possible to integrate various sensors and passenger information systems in the production of individual elements.

    TAPS’ quality management system is confirmed by the ISO/TS 22163:2017 (IRIS rev.03) Certificate and the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate.

    Apart from the abovementioned activity on the railway market (90% of sales), the company also specializes in designing, production and installation of seats for theatres, cinemas and auditorium halls (10% of sales).