• Design and Construction

    Construction and Technology Department

    The Construction and Technology Department specializes in the design of interior elements for mass transport, public utility buildings and special, dedicated interiors.

    Its potential allows TAPS to produce new and modify existing products.

    It guarantees that its projects are run according to applicable norms and standards.

    A team of experienced designers, engineers and technologists:
    • performs conceptual works,
    • develops projects encompassing form, functionalities, ergonomics and production technology,
    • performs calculations and engineering simulations,
    • creates visualisations,
    • develops calculations,
    • writes technical, technological, service and tooling documentation,
    • develops prototypes and mock-ups.

    Projects are comprehensively implemented into production.

    The Construction and Technology Department guarantees that its solutions are innovative thanks to the use of new materials and technologies. The team cooperates with many specialists from academia, research facilities as well as trade institutions, organizations and companies.