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  • 09/07/2021

    Invitation to Ideenzug

    Ideenzug, or the Train of the Future, is a project coordinated by Deutsche Bahn AG, which aims to improve the comfort of using rail transport. It is to be a competition for autonomous cars, therefore it includes many functional passenger zones. TAPS has already participated in the premiere edition of this project. In the current, second edition, we have implemented the concept of "standing seats".

    This event precedes the Innotrans international trade fair. Due to the pandemic, the fair will not be held until next year. Then you will also be able to see the Train of the Future with your own eyes.

    For the impatient, however, there is something extra.

    On July 21, a virtual event will take place, during which you will be able to carefully see the interior of the train, visit the stands of partner companies or talk to their representatives. And all from the comfort of your home and without the need of long journeys.

    We cordially invite you to register at this link: